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How It Works
How It Works

Pickup and delivery service at your office is easy.

How it worksStep 1: Sign up online

Step 2: Receive Welcome Letter to confirm receipt of sign up

Step 3: Receive BluRoo bag at your office

Step 4: You fill it up, We’ll pick it up

Step 5: Two-day turnaround delivery

Step 6: Monthly automatic billing



What happens after I complete my online registration?

You will receive a welcome email from a BluRoo Customer Service Representative to confirm the receipt of your sign up.

Within 2-3 days of receiving your welcoming email, your BluRoo driver will deliver your personalized BluRoo bag to get you started.

Your website indicated 50% off of my first order. Does this include all of your services?

The first time customer 50% discount applied to all your dry clean and laundry needs. Specialty items such as leather, suede, wedding gowns, shoes and alterations are not included in this offer.

I have a garment that I need to be altered. How do I go about this?

Just as any special requests, BluRoo will always follow any instructions that you provide. Attach a note to the garment with detailed instructions of how we can help you (i.e. shorten pants two inches, take in waist 3 inches, etc.).

-Please note all items sent in for alterations will be dry cleaned as well unless specified otherwise. If you would like a garment sent out for alterations only, please indicate this on your note.

I see you do shoe repair and cleaning. How do you know what I want done to my shoes?

We ask that you please provide a note with any shoes that you send in for clean, shine, or repair. If you are sending in items in your BluRoo bag outside of the shoes, place the shoes in any bag within your BluRoo bag with a note specifying the repairs or cleaning that you require.

Unsure of what needs to be done? Let us know the area of concern, and our shoe expert will fix the item accordingly.

Do specialty items such as shoes, alterations, leather and suede have a 48 hour turnaround time as well?

Due to the nature of repairs and the care required to clean suede and leather, these items take one full week for delivery. If we receive these items on Friday, they will be delivered back to you the following Friday.

How do I pay for my BluRoo services?

For your convenience, we offer a simple monthly automatic charge program utilizing a debit or credit card of your choice.

Billing Cycle Ends

CC Charge Date

























I moved/my office moved. How do I change my account?

BluRoo now offers the ability to sign into your account and update any information that needs to be changed. If you still have questions about your new location service, a BluRoo Customer Service Representative at CustomerService@BluRoo.com or via the telephone at 954.903.7497.