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Services and Pricing

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Wash Dry Fold Leather and Suede Household Items Wedding Gowns
Dry Cleaning
Blazer $8.59
Blouse $7.69
Dress $15.59
Pullover $6.89
Shirt $7.59
Shorts $6.99
Skirt $8.09
Slacks $6.99
Suit $15.59
Sweater $8.59
Tie $6.39
Tuxedo $16.69

Small additional charge for whites, silks, cashmere, lined clothing, beaded garments,
formal wear and ornamentation.


Laundered Shirts
Premiere shirt on hanger $2.69
Premiere shirt folded $3.39


Shoes Men Women
New Heels $29† $13†
New Half Soles* $48† $36†
New Full Soles* $81.50† $81.50†
Clean, shine and condition $13 $13

Full repair services available.
Other services include leather boots, work boots, boat shoes, sandals, evening shoes
† and up
* shoe shine included


Pants hemmed $14.99†
Take waist in or out $14.99†
Skirts hemmed $19.99†
Replace Zipper $14.99†

Other alterations available upon request
† and up


Services Also Available
Suede and leather
Press Only
Household items
Wash, dry, fold
Wedding gowns
Starched jeans

Prices as stated do not include a 2% Gross Receipts Tax and state sales tax where applicable. The imposition of the Gross Receipts Tax was requested by the Florida Dry Cleaners Coalition. 
All Prices subject to change